Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Church of St. Peter, Leuven (Belgium). Sculptures by Jan Borreman (ca. 1500)

Another job done in 1997: determining the original paint scheme of the sculpture of St. John, part of this scene on Calvary, stabilizing that paint, and stabilizing and cleaning the pedestal upon which he stands (the latter done from a scaffold).

Brussels City Council Room, City Hall, Brussels

In 1997 I worked on a team that helped determine the original paint scheme of the ceiling decoration, prior to its restoration.

Gallerie St Hubert Bruxelles

Just visited this 1847 indoor shopping mall. In 1997 all was overpainted white and I was one of the interns at the Royal Institute of Artistic Heritage in Belgium who helped determine the original faux marble paint scheme, recreated here.